Tour Details

Visitors & Guests can choose among two options:


Day Tour – A one day visit at Penalosa Farms. Guests are given a short introductory lecture on Integrated Organic Farming and are treated to a gastronomic experience of the farms refreshing welcome tea, organic buffet lunch, and snacks. (Lunch and Snacks are requested 3 days before tour date).

Passion Training – A four day Live-in Seminar at Penalosa Farms where participants are given hands on training on the business, management and farming side of Organic Agriculture. (Please see details below on the topics included for the training)

 A Farmer is only a production unit, to succeed, he needs to develop his business (marketing, finance, organization, and production) skills, in conjuction with management skills. That is Agripreneurship.  Learn how to prepare a bankable Project Proposal.

Integrated Farming Systems
Mono-cropping is one plus one = two.  Integrated Farming systems is one plus one = 50. Learn multi-cropping and vertical and horizontal integration. 

Organic Farming Systems
The Agripreneur’s Toolbox.  Learn the Language of the Soil, Plant, Animals and the Art of War against Pest and Diseases thru a Zero Waste system using indigenous raw materials.

Farm Tourism + Productivity + Creativity = Agritecture as a tool for competitiveness.  Learn Farm Lay-out and Design.