Language of the Soil

  • Compost – A nutrient uptake, crop specific mix or indigenous bio-degradable raw materials fortified by nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphorus solubilizing bacteria / fungi and mixed with all the necessary trace elements for optimum plant growth.
  • Vermicompost – A natural soil ameliorant containing high levels of humus organic matter, beneficial microorganisms coming from the guts of earth friendly earthworms.
  • Super Vermi – An upgraded vermi-compost containing all the essential macro & micro elements provided by microbial & trace element preparations.
  • Vermi Tea – A foliar tool with pesticidal and nutritional proportions.
  • Compost Tea – A foliar mix for flower inducement, fruit enlargement and sweetening properties.
  • Bio-Formulated Premix – A concentrate that contains all the essential trace elements for compost production.
  • Crop Specific Bacteria- Are free living, associative, symbiotic and endophytic bacteria specific for sugarcane, rice, corn, fruits, vegetables & ornamentals. It is used with compost.

Language of the Plants

  • Booster- a giberellic acid based microbially prepared hormone that induces faster growth and cell elongation.
  • Enhancer – a cytokinine mix that acts as a sugar mover and nitrate balancer that prevents fruit drop & flower abortion, improves fruit size & strengthens stalks & stems.
  • Protek – an auxin based compount used for seed treatment that ensures complete protection and healthy growth of seeds & young plants. This foliar promotes systemic acquired resistance, faster rooting, tillering and recovery from stress.

Language of the Animals

  • P1 – is a decomposting bacteria that hastens decomposition of organic matter and is perfect for vermi pits.
  • P2 – is a co-infectant that acts as a beneficial biological layer for bio-security of livestock
  • P3 – is generally used on swine, poultry and ruminants to increase digestibility of feeds and increase production of peptides and amino acids of feed stock
  • P4 – is generally used on swine (lactating and gestating sows, prestarter piglets), poultry and ruminants for better feed conversion ratio (FCR), higher average daily weight gain, increase lactic acid & milk production
  • P5 – is used for odor control. Eliminates smell & is safe to use on livestock & pens
  • P6 – is used for biocontrol of flies & other insects