About Us

Penalosa Farms produces and markets assorted certified organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, rice and eggs. It also raises its own probiotic based pork, chicken and other livestock that are hormone, vaccine, antibiotic & GMO free. Aside from the farm to market and farm to plate products, the farm also produces and sells its own organic basal & foliar fertilizers.

Our Vision

An organic agricultural landscape using indigenous technology that is doable, sustainable & replicable.

Our Mission

To promote & provide: “PINAS”

A Philippines Integrated Natural Agricultural System that includes:

  • Agripreneurship
  • Integrated Farming
  • Organic Farming
  • Farm Tourism
  • Agritecture
  • These are:
  • Integrated farming systems that are market driven
  • Natural farming systems that are environmentally friendly, zero waste & organic
  • Technology packages on production, management, consultancy and marketing
  • Diversified farming systems that are all terrain, all season and all soil types